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Rotary Pad Printing Machine For Closures



  •  Mechanical and pneumatic model
  • Hopper and elevator for high-speed feeding of caps. Hopper capacity of 6000 caps
  • Pressing rollers to ensure proper fitting of caps before the printing process 
  • Online flame treatment unit with auto ignition to increase dyne value of cap for permanent printing
  • Rotary pad made of high quality silicon rubber for sharp and accurate printing
  • Etched roller made of special steel for more life
  • Aluminium mandrels as per cap size
  • Teflon coating on mandrels
  • High-Speed counters
  • Auto unloading of caps
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High Output of  maximum 300/500/1000 and 2000 caps/minute
  • Delta makes PLC with the program
  • Servo-controlled printing heads
  • Precision in colour registration
  • Sturdy machine base 

Printed samples

* Depends on product size, ideal setting condition and operator efficiency.
Due to continuous development specifications are subjected to change without notice.