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What do you want to print on? We have a machine for that!

Helmed by some of the finest minds in screen, pad printing technology and mechanical engineering, Plastech Inc. has leapt beyond thresholds in the printing machinery industry in a relatively short span of time.

Plastech Inc’s constant endeavour to push boundaries in research and design development has elevated us to the top league of trusted printing machinery manufacturers globally. Our teams of highly qualified engineers and trained workforce are in constant search of futuristic solutions to ensure the highest quality products are offered to our clients.

Plastech Inc’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Mumbai, India, ensure meticulous production of highly efficient and innovative product outcomes both in terms of printing machinery and ancillary equipments.

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To become one of the world’s best by helping ambitious brands achieve their marketing goals with immaculate branding and other printing needs.

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We yearn to push the envelope in technological achievements and provide highly customized solutions through research and knowledge.